Run events enrollment, result lists and other data.

Short introduction to STS-Live

The functionality

To take full advantage of the service, one needs to register and log in to a local or external (Facebook) account.

Logged in users are entitled to:
  • define unlimited number of competitors,
  • enroll competitors in available events,
  • make electronic payments for the enrollments,
  • review results, download electronic diplommas etc.


  • Each user can define unlimited number of competitors.
  • The user who creates the competitor profile, becomes the owner of the profile and gets full rights to edit the data and register the competitor to events.
  • User's list of competitors may also include non-owned entries. One can achieve this with the "include into the list" button available e.g. under the list of competitors. Such included competitors may be enrolled, selected for relay teams etc.


  • To enroll in an event, one fills proper forms available with the icon on the right of the list of competitors or with the "Enroll" button on the event details page.


  • The system also helps in electronic payments for the enrollments.
  • New payment may be started with the "Add" button placed under the list of payments made so far. The list ca be shown with the "Payments" menu item or woth the "Payment" button on the enrolment details page.
  • When creating a payment in the context of a particular enrollment, the payment is pre-defined to cover just the enrollment.
  • When creating a payment with the button under the list of payments, the payment is pre-defined to cover all unpaid enrollments.
  • On the payment definition page, once can click the "Edit" button, to change he selection of enrollment to be covered.

Starts, results etc.

  • After the event end, the event details page will provide the lists od results (genera and in particular categories).
  • The starts and results list for given competitor is available on the competitor details page.
  • The lists of results also serve the electronic copies of the diplommas (if provided by the event organizers).